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Start Your Recovery Today

women's rehab program in new hampshireWhen you reach out to Bonfire Behavioral Health, you’ll find that we offer both a men’s and a women’s rehab program. Because men and women have complex needs when it comes to addiction treatment, we have created treatment programs that can meet those needs. We realize that substance abuse treatment should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. Therefore, we provide each woman who comes to our program with an individualized treatment plan. In our women’s rehab program, you’ll find a safe place to talk about your addiction and your past trauma. To learn more about the benefits of our women’s rehab program, reach out to Bonfire Behavioral Health today at 603.617.4815.

Why Should You Choose a Women’s Rehab Program?

According to addiction treatment experts, men and women experience substance abuse in different ways. For instance, women tend to use smaller amounts of substances for shorter periods of time. However, they tend to feel the effects of the drug more strongly and become addicted more quickly.

Women also have unique needs when it comes to treatment. For instance, they need a safe place to develop relationships with other women as they discuss topics such as children, family, motherhood, and relationships. They may also need to work through issues such as sexual harassment or trauma. This type of trauma can often lead to substance abuse, as the person tries to self-medicate to ease feelings of depression or anxiety. If you have suffered violence or assault at the hands of a male partner, you may find it challenging to discuss these experiences in a group containing men.

However, when you reach out to Bonfire Behavioral Health, our team understands these complex and painful experiences. As a result, we strive to create a comfortable and respectful environment for women of all backgrounds. Our women’s substance abuse treatment center offers support and acceptance from women who have similar struggles and goals. We will help you put addiction in the past and build your life up again. We’ll also provide you with strategies and tools that will help you find the road to lasting recovery.

Benefits of Our Women’s Rehab Program

Because men and women face different challenges in addiction treatment, it is critical to find an addiction treatment program that helps you overcome these challenges. Women are less likely to seek addiction treatment in comparison to men, so we want to ensure our treatment program is a safe and welcoming area for all women. Our women’s rehab program offers a range of benefits that would not be available in a co-ed or men’s rehab program. For instance, the advantages of our treatment program may include:

  • Individualized treatment plans
  • A reliable support network full of women who have faced similar challenges
  • Fewer distractions from men
  • The ability to openly and honestly communicate with other women

When you have a women’s rehab program at your side, you can put your addiction in the past.

About Bonfire Behavioral Health

Bonfire Behavioral Health offers comprehensive treatment programs for people battling all types of addictions. Whether you’re battling an addiction to alcohol or drugs, our team can help. You can work with other women in a wide array of treatment programs, such as:

Our team has the tools you need to overcome addiction. However, the first thing you need to do is reach out to Bonfire Behavioral Health. If you have questions about our addiction treatment options or you’re ready to enroll in our women’s rehab program, contact our team today by calling 603.617.4815 or use our convenient online form.