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Start Your Recovery Today

The staff at Bonfire Behavioral Health is committed to your long-term recovery from addiction and mental health conditions. Learn more about our expert staff members below or contact us today at 603.617.4815.

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Kali Guilmet-Talbot

Executive Director

I joined the clinical team in 2021. I work with clients living with substance use and mental health disorders, offering a trauma-informed model of care that incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, narrative therapy, and family therapy. In using an eclectic approach, my goal is to develop a collaborative treatment team, providing a supportive recovery environment for our participants.

I have 25+ years’ experience implementing clinical care and program management within behavioral health systems. My areas of expertise are substance use, persistent behavioral health needs, trauma, families, and the military community. I am passionate about recovery that is truly person-centered. I aim to develop programming that is collaborative and creative.

I love the work and continue to find myself excited about opportunities to grow and learn. I find it very important to work in a system that resonates with my core values, including person-centered care. When I speak with the leadership and staff at programming, I am excited to be with like-minded people. There is a passion for excellence, continued growth, and dignity in the recovery process that made me want to work here.

Kali K. Guilmet-Talbot, LCMHC, MS is the Regional Clinical Director for New Hampshire. Guilmet-Talbot received her Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Salem State University in 2005. She earned her initial clinical license in the state of Massachusetts as a LMHC in 2007, and recently moved to New Hampshire and obtained her license as a LCMHC. Her primary office is at Bonfire in Rochester, NH, but she can also be found at New Hampshire Detox in Bethlehem throughout the week.

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Shannon Snyder, BA


I joined the clinical team at Bonfire Behavioral Health in 2021. I am a solution-focused therapist who enjoys collaborating with clients to assist them in their recovery. I utilize motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, crisis intervention, and collaboration. I work with clients to create a treatment plan, observe their progress, and help them self-advocate.

Although I entered this profession in 2020, I have worked within the human service field for five years. The experiences I’ve had throughout my career and internship opportunities have been program coordination, crisis advocacy, case management, and now clinical care. I have expertise working with domestic violence, community services, severe and persistent mental illness, and substance use.

I am passionate about working within the recovery and mental health field because of the abundant opportunities to make meaningful connections, as well as the ability to witness clients’ personal growth. The most rewarding part of working at Bonfire Behavioral Health is being part of the recovery community in an area of New Hampshire that needs the substance use treatment resources.

Shannon Snyder, BA, is a clinician at Bonfire Behavioral Health in Rochester, New Hampshire. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University in 2020.

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