Start Your Recovery Today

Start Your Recovery Today

Alumni Program for addiction in new hampshireLike other chronic conditions, recovery from addiction and mental health conditions is a lifelong process. At Bonfire Behavioral Health, we recognize that there is no simple cure for either condition. As a result, while taking the step to admit that you have a problem and finding help to solve it is commendable, you should not stop your recovery program after treatment. You may need consistent support and encouragement to get through life’s challenges. Fortunately, there is help available with the alumni program available at Bonfire Behavioral Health. Through this aftercare program option, you can connect with others in recovery to gain support and accountability.

Even though you’ve finished treatment at Bonfire Behavioral Health, our support doesn’t stop. We want to help you avoid relapse, and we know that the best way to ensure that is to help you develop a strong support network. While many people can gain support through a 12-step program or their family and friends, having other people who have also completed treatment is valuable. We want to help you achieve and maintain sobriety, and we know that our alumni program can help. Call 603.617.4815 today to learn more.

Why Should You Choose an Alumni Program?

Many people wonder whether participating in an alumni program after addiction treatment is part of long-term sobriety and recovery from addiction. After all, if you just have support from your friends and family, shouldn’t that be enough? In truth, while their support is invaluable, if they haven’t experienced the challenges of substance abuse and recovery, they may not understand what you’re facing. However, when you have people at your side who have faced similar challenges, they can help you identify obstacles and provide advice when you face struggles.

While this support is incredibly helpful, it goes both ways. As a member of the alumni program at Bonfire Behavioral Health, you can support others when they’re facing challenges. You can listen, support, understand, and assist others when they’re struggling, which also helps support your recovery. The need for community and understanding is one of the inherent benefits of our alumni program.

What Should You Expect from an Alumni Program?

While you’re in our addiction treatment programs at Bonfire Behavioral Health, you’ll develop healthy habits and coping mechanisms to help you on the journey to lifelong recovery. Similarly, when you enroll in our alumni program, you’ll be able to receive support from those around you while concurrently giving support to those who need it. You can expect a range of benefits from our alumni program, such as:

  • Regular contact through the phone and email from the team members at Bonfire Behavioral Health
  • A database of alumni of our programs, including contact information that you can utilize to seek help if necessary
  • Educational materials and other information to assist in your recovery
  • Invitations to the alumni program’s social events where you can engage face-to-face with others in recovery
  • Opportunities to share your challenges and successes in recovery with the people around you
  • Once you have committed to your sobriety, let us help you keep that commitment

Join the Alumni Program at Bonfire Behavioral Health

At Bonfire Behavioral Health, we recognize that each of our patients has specific strengths and weaknesses. It’s critical to rely on your strengths and seek assistance from others to overcome your weaknesses. With the help of our alumni program, you and each member of our community can grow and thrive.

However, before you enter our alumni program, you should seek treatment for your addiction. We offer several treatment options, including:

Don’t let your addiction have control any longer. Reach out to Bonfire Behavioral Health today at 603.617.4815 to learn how we can support you through our alumni program and other treatment options.