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Start Your Recovery Today

group therapy program in new hampshireHumans have an inherent need to gather in a community. When isolated from friends and family, many individuals quickly begin struggling with mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression, or substance abuse. As a result, when it comes to treating these conditions, group therapy is a critical tool.

Group therapy is a rewarding addiction treatment therapy as it allows you to work with other people to recover. Watching other people work through their challenges can help to motivate you to focus on your own goals as you observe the rewards. Additionally, group therapy can reduce feelings of shame, depression, and isolation, which often afflict those in recovery when they’re on their own. To learn about the benefits of group therapy at a substance abuse treatment program in Dover, New Hampshire, reach out to Bonfire Behavioral Health today at 603.617.4815.

What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy involves a group of people who are struggling with similar issues, allowing each member of the group to work together to understand the challenges they’re facing. This treatment option has been available for some time and can provide a wide array of advantages that aren’t possible in an individual treatment program.

At Bonfire Behavioral Health, we believe our group therapy program should be an integral part of most, if not all, addiction treatment programs. In many cases, individuals battling an addiction tend to be more likely to achieve their goals if they receive group therapy. As bonds develop between each other, those in recovery can have a better understanding of themselves. Furthermore, they can learn and grow alongside each other while working through similar challenges on a day-to-day basis.

Several factors will affect your progress in recovery. However, when people in recovery work together, it allows each person to be more focused on their goals. Our clinicians can apply a wide array of treatment strategies during therapy, and each person can hold everyone else accountable. In addition, group therapy can provide better results than an individual therapy program because it allows the treatment experts to work with several people at once. The approaches our team uses in group therapy emphasize understanding and facilitate emotional healing. These strategies also can promote psychological growth.

Benefits of a Group Therapy Program

When you enroll in group therapy to help address your addiction, you’ll receive a wide array of benefits. For instance, you can gain positive support from people working through similar challenges. This support can help you avoid relapse in the early days of your recovery. Additionally, ongoing group therapy programs can alleviate feelings of isolation that you might be feeling during your recovery.

Furthermore, in many cases, when you engage in a group therapy program, you gain the willpower to manage your condition because you’ve witnessed other people’s successes in overcoming challenges. You can also learn how to minimize your triggers and experience a family-like community, both of which can encourage you through the recovery process. We also have found that a group therapy program allows you to make critical steps towards recovery in the long run.

Heal from Addiction at Bonfire Behavioral Health

At Bonfire Behavioral Health, we understand the challenges that those struggling with addiction are facing. However, with the help of an individualized treatment program that includes a group therapy program, we believe you are capable of overcoming those challenges. To that end, we offer a range of addiction treatment programs, including:

You no longer have to live with addiction. Reach out to Bonfire Behavioral Health in Dover, New Hampshire today to learn how our group therapy program can promote your recovery.