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Start Your Recovery Today

about bonfire behavioral health in new hampshireAt Bonfire Behavioral Health, we are experts in treating substance abuse and mental health conditions. With comprehensive treatment options that we tailor to each individual’s physical, mental, and spiritual needs, we can give you the tools that you need to put addiction in your past. Our addiction treatment options impact each part of your life, allowing you to heal and thrive as you begin to conquer your addiction. Let us give you the best chance of success. Contact our team today at 603.617.4815 to learn more about Bonfire Behavioral Health.

About Bonfire Behavioral Health

When you reach out to our team to learn more about Bonfire Behavioral Health, you’ll find that we offer many benefits. Our treatment center provides years of experience, allowing us to provide each patient with exceptional treatment. The benefits of our treatment programs include:

Involvement of Family and Friends

When you’re caught in an addiction, you may have damaged your relationships with family members and loved ones. Your treatment, therefore, should help to heal your relationships. We will help your family and friends heal alongside you. At first, we may limit your communication with the outside world, which grants you a structured introduction to treatment. Simultaneously, our team will provide a thorough assessment so we can identify potential triggers or stressors that you need to overcome.

Individualized Treatment Options

At Bonfire Behavioral Health, we don’t offer our clients cookie-cutter treatment. Instead, we will design an addiction treatment therapy program and treatment options based on their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to grow.

The journey into your addiction is different from anyone else’s, so your treatment should also be unique. Each of our expert staff members focuses on treating you as an individual. Our team members will get to know you and listen to your concerns to help you build a plan for the future.

Our treatment center offers a wide array of therapies that experts have proven to help treat addiction. For instance, group therapy allows you to work with the people around you and learn from them as you recover from addiction. We also offer individual therapy options that will help you address your personal struggles. Bonfire Behavioral Health offers a wide array of treatment options, including:

Care Coordination

A range of experts may be involved with your substance abuse treatment program. We coordinate your care between vocational, legal, and spiritual community resources. These support resources ensure that you get the best chance for long-term recovery.

At Bonfire Behavioral Health, we understand that your addiction has taken over your life. With our resources, we can resolve any issues that arise and connect you to the right support system. One of the best things about Bonfire Behavioral Health is that we help you overcome any challenges that stand in your path.

We also help with financial concerns. Between piling debts and missed payments, navigating the cost of treatment may seem impossible. Fortunately, we can help you get on the right path to recovery. We can help you fill out applications for Medicare or Medicaid, seek financial aid to return to school, and find you the best insurance providers. Our goal is to find you the best support for all of your concerns.

Contact Bonfire Behavioral Health

At Bonfire Behavioral Health, we want to ensure that you can overcome your addiction. To that end, we offer a wide array of treatment programs to support you through this challenging time. For more information about the treatment options available to you or to learn more about Bonfire Behavioral Health, contact our treatment center today at 603.617.4815.