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Start Your Recovery Today

partial hospitalization treatment program in new hampshireThere are a wide array of treatment approaches that addiction treatment professionals can modify based on the needs of the person requiring treatment. One of the most effective treatment options available today is a partial hospitalization program, otherwise known as PHP. Outside of residential addiction treatment, this is the most intensive treatment option. With the help of Bonfire Behavioral Health’s partial hospitalization treatment program, you can receive the care and support you need while you live at home or at one of our sober living homes.

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What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A partial hospitalization program is often the next step after those in recovery have attended a residential addiction treatment program or a detox program. When you are in the early stages of addiction treatment, you may want to enter a residential program. In this level of care, you live on-site at an addiction treatment center. This program provides around-the-clock support to help you to manage triggers and temptations to use drugs or alcohol again. When you enter PHP treatment, you get a similar level of accountability and structure. However, you also have flexibility, which allows you to sleep at home or in some form of community housing.

When you enter our partial hospitalization program at Bonfire Behavioral Health, you are able to transition from a detox or residential treatment program, allowing you to move into a slightly more flexible treatment program. However, partial hospitalization programs still offer high levels of support.

Who Should Enter PHP?

In most cases, candidates for our partial hospitalization program should have already completed some form of substance abuse treatment. However, in most cases, they still struggle to manage their triggers or mental health symptoms. These individuals may also require medication management.

Alternatively, some of our PHP patients have never attended a detox or residential treatment program. However, their addiction doesn’t require high levels of care. Whichever is your situation, addiction treatment at a PHP offers you a structured environment for about six hours a day. During the rest of the day, you can stay at home or with peers who are also in our addiction treatment program.

What Happens During a Partial Hospitalization Program?

During your partial hospitalization program, you’ll attend therapy several days a week. We offer a range of therapeutic options, but we will tailor your treatment program to your unique needs. These treatment plans will give you strategies that you can use to manage your triggers and any mental health issues. Your therapeutic options may include:

With the help of these addiction therapy programs, you can work on getting to the root cause of your addiction. Once you understand the cause of your addiction, you can begin to overcome these challenges.

Take the First Steps Towards Recovery at Bonfire Behavioral Health

You don’t have to fight your addiction on your own. With the help of a partial hospitalization program, such as the one that we offer at Bonfire Behavioral Health, you can put your addiction in the past and move into the future with confidence. However, before you can do that, you need to make the first move. We offer a range of addiction treatment options, including:

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