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Family Therapy Program in new hampshireIn nearly every case, those struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol need professional assistance to manage their condition. While individual therapy is necessary for you to begin the healing process, it is also critical to address addiction’s damage to familial relationships. Doing so can help you build a reliable support network and help encourage your recovery. At Bonfire Behavioral Health, we recognize the role that a family therapy program can have in addiction treatment. To learn about this essential addiction treatment therapy, reach out to our team today by calling 603.617.4815 or using our helpful online form.

What Is a Family Therapy Program?

Addiction doesn’t just affect you as the person using drugs. It leaves its mark on your entire family. It’s quite challenging to watch someone you love repeatedly endanger themselves. If you are abusing drugs, your loved ones often feel frustrated or fearful for your life, which puts extreme emotional stress and helplessness on your family members. During a family therapy program, you and your family members can address these feelings in a productive manner. You can then begin putting safety measures into place to ensure that the situation doesn’t arise again.

When you engage in a family therapy program, the goal is to reforge the connections between you and your family members. Our clinicians will do our best to help your family members identify areas where you need to grow and to foster an environment that is supportive of everyone involved. Recognizing the complex patterns of your relationship within your family will enable our team to encourage healing and transformation for everyone in the family.

Your family has a significant role in addiction and mental health treatment programs. Substance abuse and mental health conditions can be emotionally draining and challenging for both you and your loved ones. In such cases, engaging in a family or group therapy program can be extraordinarily beneficial.

Family therapy can also be helpful for your long-term recovery. It’s much easier to stay sober when you have friends and family members nearby to support you. When your family understands the principles behind recovery, they can provide you the reassurance, affirmation, and guidance you need to stay in recovery.

Benefits of a Family Therapy Program

Your family therapy program can include therapy sessions for your siblings, parents, spouse, and children. During these sessions, we encourage each person to talk about the family’s history with addiction. You can also learn about communication techniques and relapse prevention therapy strategies. There are many benefits to engaging in a family therapy program. For example, the benefits may include:

  • Developing and maintaining healthy boundaries in your relationships
  • Facilitating communication and cohesion between your family members
  • Promoting better understanding and problem-solving skills
  • Reducing conflict between family members
  • Creating an empathetic and understanding family environment
  • Aiding in reforging trust, forgiveness, and accountability within the family

While you deserve to break free from addiction, your family also deserves to heal from addiction’s damage. A family therapy program in Dover, New Hampshire can aid you and your family in both goals.

Rebuild Trust at Bonfire Behavioral Health

At Bonfire Behavioral Health, the goal of our addiction treatment programs is simple: to help each person overcome their addiction. We can utilize our family therapy program to support that goal. Our family therapy program can address a range of addictions, including:

You and your family members don’t have to battle addiction alone. When you reach out to Bonfire Behavioral Health, you have a team of people at your side to help you. Reach out to us today at 603.617.4815 to learn more about your treatment options.