Pre-admission requirements include:

  • Phone screening or in-person interview with Bonfire staff

  • Proof of medical clearance from a medical provider arranged during the admission process

  • List and proofs of prescribed medications

  • Signing a contract stating applicant’s understanding of, and intent to comply with, our House Rules

  • Established plan for payment of residency costs

Please note: Bonfire is not a medical detox facility nor an inpatient rehabilitation center. Ours is a nonclinical residential program utilizing a managed social model of recovery services delivery.

Bonfire is a Medication-Assisted-Recovery-Capable housing provider accepting residents who are prescribed FDA-approved medications for a substance use disorder (buprenorphine, naltrexone, not yet methadone). We try not to screen residents based on their prescribed medications; rather, we try to determine whether an applicant has the ability to safely integrate with our community. If we suspect that an applicant may require a higher level of care, we will help to connect him with appropriate resources.

ADMISSIONS INQUIRIES: Call (603) 617-3399

Program Overview

Bonfire Recovery Services offers person-centered recovery services within a vibrant local recovery community. We have helped to successfully transition hundreds of men into lasting recovery and self-determined lives since 2014. Our objective is to work with residents and community partners to meet individual needs while maintaining a culture that meets the needs of all residents. Our location at 10 Grove Street in Dover, NH operates as a Level III program according to National Association of Recovery Residences standards. We are an affiliate of the NH Coalition of Recovery Residences. We operate intentionally as an LGBTQ-friendly establishment and are adept at working with those involved with criminal justice systems and military veterans from the Navy, Air Force, Army, Marine Corp, and Coast Guard service branches.

Bonfire personnel work alongside new residents to develop an individual Recovery Plan upon entry. This plan will include any medical and clinical needs, and will provide the resident with short-term, measurable recovery goals and action items.

Bonfire staff helps to keep the resident engaged in our programming and to help him to meet his own recovery-focused goals. Both staff and the resident evaluate and update Recovery Plans throughout residency.

Bonfire personnel help to provide a healthy, structured recovery environment by fostering interpersonal skills and group living skills, including self care and accountability with house responsibilities. Our staff takes the time to help each resident to implement life and coping skills that improve individual functioning. Our staff are trained Peer Recovery Coaches who meet the clients ‘where they are at’ along with their individual stages of recovery and progress in growing personal recovery capital — the internal and external resources used to achieve and sustain recovery.

Families are invited to maintain contact with their loved ones. Loved ones may visit with residents off-site, and requests for off-site overnight stays must be approved by Bonfire Staff.


Individual care

On-site staff and designated Peer Leaders monitor each resident to ensure a positive and engaged experience while at Bonfire.

Weekly individual Case Management provides an opportunity to make sure that residents build competencies such as financial management, employability, problem solving, healthy communication, and continuous recovery planning. Case management provided by Bonfire staff also ensures residents can access resources such as outside social recovery supports, food stamps, insurance coverage, employment opportunities, psychiatric care, medications, physician services, and referrals to higher levels of care as necessary. We maintain strong relationships with area Recovery Community Organizations (SOS Recovery Community Organization and Safe Harbor Recovery Center), Intensive Outpatient Program providers (IOP), residential inpatient drug and alcohol services, and medical services.


Fostering self-determination

Residents are encouraged to raise and address concerns and grievances, to participate in decision-making, and to create a culture of accountability as members of a whole. Staff helps to facilitate weekly peer-led groups and meetings during which residents practice social skills that they will carry with them for a lifetime.

Residents are encouraged to develop supports within the house that are designed to meet their own and housemates’ recovery needs, i.e. meditation groups, workshops, study sessions, and ad hoc accountability meetings.

While helping to raise each other’s standards of recovery, residents are encouraged to honor multiple pathways of recovery, varying styles and stages of recovery, and a principle of non-discrimination. Bonfire’s is a culture of diversity, tolerance, and inclusion.


Ensuring resident safety

On-site staff and Peer Leaders ensure that residents adhere to all safety rules (see Cost, Rates & Expectations page) and that emergencies are responded to promptly and appropriately.

Our facilities are inspected and approved by City fire personnel for Life & Safety code compliance.

Regular Breathalyzing/ Urinalysis Drug Testing

  • Breathalyzer used upon concern about alcohol use

  • Samples taken for urinalysis by independent lab company

    • Generally once to twice weekly during first month of residency

    • Once-weekly thereafter or as deemed necessary

    • Includes comprehensive lab processing

    • Paid separately from residency fees on sliding scale basis, or through NH Medicaid or most private insurance plans.

We are aware that the addiction treatment and recovery housing industries have been under scrutiny for using various drug testing schemes inappropriately to enhance profits. Bonfire uses unaffiliated and reputable companies to monitor drug use at a frequency that supports individual and group safety. *Bonfire does not generate revenue from drug testing-something that’s incredibly important to us!


Local Opportunity


New Hampshire has zero income tax and employment opportunities abound in our area, including for justice-involved individuals. We help our residents develop resumes, write cover letters, prepare for interviews, and acquire employment according to their aptitudes and goals. Bonfire has partnered with area employers to provide well-paying employment opportunities for residents with and without felony convictions. We are an Early Adopter of Governor Sununu’s statewide Recovery-Friendly Workplace Initiative. Our founder has helped multiple former residents to launch their own successful businesses; he is committed to continuing that tradition.


Southeastern New Hampshire is an academia hub in its own right. Campuses in our immediate area include the University of New Hampshire, Granite State College, Great Bay Community College, and Dover Adult Learning Center — all of which feature online courses and curriculum. We network with local education providers to offer our residents learning opportunities which they may not otherwise consider. If a resident finds he wants to further his education, we will help to make it so.

Mutual Aid and Peer Recovery Support Services

Our area’s available recovery supports and services provide limitless opportunities to create a rich and exciting early and continued recovery experience. Residents who are attracted to a 12-step pathway of recovery can walk to dozens of weekly meetings across multiple fellowships (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Heroin Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous). Those wanting to explore non-traditional recovery support meetings will find a home at any of three local Recovery Community Centers hosting ultra-inclusive All Recovery meetings, Buddhism-inspired Refuge Recovery groups, therapeutic art, writing, and music groups, as well as volunteer opportunities and recovery support trainings and workshops. Residents can engage in no-cost, in-person recovery coaching and Telephone Recovery Support Services in addition to the services provided within Bonfire’s facilities.

Area peer-based recovery support resources include:

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