Cost of Residency

$1,200.00 per month or $280.00 per week

Rates are subject to change.

Inquire about financial assistance and flexible payment structures at (603) 617-3399 Ext. 1.

*10% waived residency fees for emergency services personnel (Fire, police, EMS), recovery workers (behavioral health treatment and recovery supports), and military veterans (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard).

Length of Residency

Length of residency is open-ended; however, we do ask for a minimum four month commitment. Residencies average between four and twelve months depending on individual needs and progress.

What to Bring/Not Bring

DO bring the following (if possible):

  •  Photo ID

  • Casual, bedtime, and interview-appropriate clothing

  • Sneakers, winter boots, dress shoes

  • Preferred pillow and bed comforter (we provide if you do not)

If you bring a vehicle

  • Proof of auto insurance

  • Auto registration in your name

  • Valid driver’s license

 DO NOT bring the following:

  • Weapons

  • Illicit or non-prescribed drugs or products containing alcohol (incl. hand sanitizer, mouthwash w/ alcohol, cologne)

  • Drug/drinking paraphernalia

Bonfire Recovery Services is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items belonging to residents.

House Rules

1.    Zero tolerance policy regarding sharing or selling of illicit drugs or prescription medications.

2.    Possession or use of illicit substances or prescription medications not belonging to the resident are disallowed.

3.    Zero tolerance policy regarding violence and threats of violence to staff, fellow residents, or non-affiliated Bonfire visitors.

4.    Residents must attend all scheduled house meetings and Case Management sessions, along with any other recovery support meetings and appointments that their Recovery Plans suggest, unless exception is made by Staff.

5.    Curfew is 11:00pm every night of the week unless exception is made by Staff.

6.    Requests for overnights offsite must be approved by Staff.

7.    Residents must prove that they are actively seeking full-time employment or student status until they acquire either. If Resident seeks student status, his income must come from an approved source.

8.    Residents must maintain satisfactory personal hygiene at all times.

9.    Residency fees are to be paid in full by either the first calendar day in advance of each month or residency, or weekly by 6:00pm each Friday in advance of each week of residency.

10.  Females are not allowed in residential areas.

11.  House chores as determined by staff and peer leaders must be completed on time.

These and other conditions of residency will be discussed and signed off by each new resident upon intake. Additional rules or guidelines may be in place according to resident group consensus.



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