Who We Are


Mission Statement
It is our mission to provide the highest quality recovery services at affordable cost to our drug-and-alcohol-addicted clients, as well as meaningful service to our general community.
Vision Statement
Bonfire Recovery Services is an invaluable resource for chemically addicted individuals who want to achieve permanent sobriety and healthy reintegration with society.
Value Statement
Bonfire Recovery Services understands that drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic, progressive, and deadly disease that can be treated using proven 12-Step recovery methods when delivered with the compassion, care, and urgency that it warrants.
Ethics Statement
Bonfire Recovery Services holds its contracted and non-contracted associates to a high standard of moral conduct in order to maintain a safe, inviting, and successful recovery environment.
Recovery Philosophy
We recognize that the disease of addiction often requires a spiritual remedy enacted through working the 12 Steps of recovery with a sponsor, as evidenced by the experiences of certain staff and affiliates. We believe that introducing and integrating the disciplines of the 12 Steps into each client’s daily life can result in permanent abstinence and lifelong wellness for the people with addiction whom we serve.