Cost, Rules & Expectations

Cost of residency
$1,500.00 per month or $350.00 weekly

List of Services:

-Weekly Individualized Case Management
-Regular drug/alcohol screening
-Weekly 12-Step literature groups
-Weekly peer-based accountability groups
-24 hour on-site staff
-Rigorous accountability with house rules and activity in 12-Step program
-Fully furnished living/sleeping quarters
-Transportation to local supermarket, meetings & events as needed
We are the only extended care facility in NH to offer...

Weekly neurofeedback sessions with Bonfire's John Eldredge, MSW at McGarty & Associates in Dover. (See their site for more information about neurofeedback. Bonfire can facilitate appointments and cross-town travel)

*Neurofeedback is a cutting-edge treatment for addictive disorders, as well as many co-occurring disorders that often accompany substance use disorder (anxiety, bipolar, trauma, attachment disorders). This is a non-pharmacological approach to therapeutic intervention. Bonfire is currently the only treatment facility in New Hampshire that offers this remarkable service.
House Rules
1. Zero tolerance drug & alcohol policy. Having, using, selling.
2. Zero tolerance policy regarding violence and threats of violence to Staff, fellow residents, or non-affiliated Bonfire visitors.
3. Residents must attend all mandatory group sessions, one-on-one sessions, and 12-Step meetings (x5 weekly) -- along with any other appointments that their Individualized Care Plans require -- unless exception is made by Staff.
4. Curfew is 11:00pm every night of the week unless exception is made by Staff.
5. Requests for overnights outside of the House must be approved by Staff.
6. Residents must be working a 12-Step program of recovery with a sponsor by the 14th day of their residencies, unless Staff has allowed more time for a certain case.
7. Residents must prove that they are actively seeking full-time employment or student status until they acquire either. If Resident seeks student status, his income must come from an approved source.
8. Residents must maintain satisfactory personal hygiene at all times.
9. Rent is to be paid in full by 6:00pm each Friday in advance for the following week.
10. Females are not allowed in residential area -- ever.

These and other conditions of residency will be discussed and signed off by each new resident upon intake.
What to Bring/Not Bring
BRING the following (if possible):
1) Photo ID
2) Casual, bedtime, and interview-appropriate clothing
3) Sneakers, winter boots, dress shoes
4) Comforter for bed (wintertime)

**If you have a vehicle, we require you to have auto insurance, registration, and a valid driver's license.
DO NOT BRING the following:
1) Weapons
2) Drugs/ anything containing alcohol (incl. hand sanitizer, mouthwash w/ alcohol, cologne)
3) Drug/drinking paraphernalia
4) Inappropriate or offensive clothing
Note: Bonfire Recovery Services is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items belonging to residents or their visitors.