Our Program


Please note: We are not a medical detox facility nor an inpatient rehabilitation center. Ours is an abstinence-based residential aftercare program banning use of all substances we deem abusable.

Our residents come after they have detoxified from alcohol and abusable drugs, and when they are ready and willing to start living independently while following certain rules and taking direction from our staff and affiliates.

Prospective residents will sign a contract stating their understanding of, and intent to comply with, our Our House Rules.

Program Overview

Bonfire Recovery Services offers superior residential services combined with clinical interventions to ensure that our residents make the most of their stay with us. Our focus is on meeting the individual’s biopsychosocial needs so that they can integrate back into a successful and drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.  

All clients will be provided with an individualized, comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment of their substance use disorder and be provided an individual treatment plan, developed with the client. This plan will provide the resident with short term, measurable treatment goals while engaged in our program all directed by activities that will help the client meet these goals. All treatment plans will be updated to reflect the clients progress while residing at Bonfire and amended as necessary through case management conducted by on-site staff.

Our twenty-four hour, on-site staff of group living workers will help provide a healthy, structured recovery environment by fostering interpersonal skills and group living skills, including self-care and accountability with house chores. Our staff is knowledgeable and trained to be helpful to men in their early recovery by taking the time to help them implement recovery skills, and coping skills, designed to improve individual functioning. Some of our staff are also trained recovery coaches and know how to meet the clients where they are at in the stages of change model. Case management also provides an opportunity to make sure that residents have what they need for resources such as financial assistance, food stamps, or help getting enrolled with an insurance plan. Financial management and savings planning are also discussed in case management when indicated as appropriate.

We provide referrals for psychiatric care, medication management and emergency physician services within a twenty-four hour timeframe where appropriate. We also provide referrals to closely affiliated higher levels of care wherever appropriate and considered medically necessary.  We have strong relationships with Intensive Outpatient Providers (IOP), residential inpatient drug and alcohol services, and many more.

Our Program structure is as follows:

Monday-Friday from 9:30-10:30am is a mandatory group for all new residents and those who are not yet gainfully employed. This group serves as an orientation to the facility and helps the client to determine daily individual goals. Motivational enhancement gives the client support in making use of their time to achieve their short term goals and also discover employment opportunities. This group also informs each resident’s individual treatment plan as marked by the stages of change model.

Tuesday and Thursday evening from 5:30-7:00pm is a mandatory group. One group is an accountability group that helps foster unity and personal responsibility. This group relies heavily on peer accountability. The second group is a 12-Step literature group that is designed to engage individuals with a 12 step fellowship and program of recovery. This group also has a heavy influence of relapse prevention skills and recovery skills necessary for sustained recovery.

Sunday Evening from 9:00-10:00pm is a mandatory house meeting that focuses on group living skills. All residents will utilize this group to organize work flow in regards to house chores and responsibilities. All participants have the opportunity to work on communication skills that they learn in individual sessions and case management.

Once weekly, all residents will meet with qualified staff for case management and individual counseling for one hour. In these sessions, case management will help provide the individual with meeting their current needs and refer to outside resources. Individual counseling will also give the individual the opportunity to discuss stressors within the house and interpersonal difficulties. This gives the individual an opportunity to discuss recovery skills and relationship skills as well as determine short-term goals for their treatment plans.

Length of Residency

Residencies average between four and twelve months depending on individual need and progress. A minimum commitment of four months is required for residency.



Bonfire helps its residents to put their sobriety first.

Regular Breathalyzing/ Urinalysis Drug Testing

  • On-site submission
  • Off-site 3rd party comprehensive lab processing


  • Twice weekly in first month of residency
  • Once weekly thereafter (unless medically necessary)


  • For insured clients, insurer will be billed for sobriety assurance services
  • For uninsured clients, an indigent pay scale applies

We are aware that the addiction treatment industry has been under scrutiny for over-testing to enhance profits, and rightly so. We are proud to say that we operate only on an as-medically-necessary basis, which is minimal, insofar as it ensures House safety.

Recovery Support

We help to address causes and conditions of a resident’s urge to use. We closely monitor our residents’ progress utilizing the following:

  • Weekly peer-led accountability groups
  • Mandatory in-house 12-step literature meetings
  • Mandatory 12-step meeting attendance
  •  AM/PM shift + Overnight Staff


Bonfire aims for a holistic approach to addiction recovery in addition to the 12-Step method. Mind, body, and spirit are each devastated by a lifestyle involving addiction to drugs and alcohol; it only follows reason that a successful recovery will involve all three.

Meditation Workshops

  • Volunteer meditation instructors hold regular group sessions on site


Bonfire helps its residents to meet their needs and goals.

Individualized Case Management

  • Once-weekly private conference between Staff and each client to assess needs, goals, and progress per Individualized Care Plan

House Accountability Meetings

  • Weekly meetings on each of three floors to address House and interpersonal issues
  • Twice-weekly all-members meetings to discuss recovery literature, host special guests, welcome new members


  • New Hampshire has zero income tax and employment opportunities abound in our area. We help our residents develop resumes, write cover letters, and find employment according to their skills and goals


  • The Seacoast is an academia hub in its own right. Campuses in our immediate area include UNH, Granite State College, Great Bay Community College, and Dover Adult Learning Center — all of which feature online courses and curriculum. We network with local education providers to offer our residents learning opportunities which they may not otherwise consider. If a resident finds he wants to further his education, we will help to make it so.

Life Skills

  • Our residents my come into our doors wearing certain ‘hats’, and they’re bound to leave with more responsibilities as they become real citizens of the world. We partner with local organizations and individuals who can counsel our residents on their various life skills needs, including budgeting, cooking, and job interviewing.



Bonfire residents are accountable for their own activity in their various spheres of life. Our staff members offer guidance and encouragement during and after each resident’s tenure, but the residents themselves take the actions necessary to recover from addiction and live well in society. That said, we provide an enthusiastic recovery community and inspiring atmosphere in which men can – and do – find entirely new perspectives. Appointed floor leaders conduct regular floor meetings to keep all heads looking forward, while our compassionate staff members make sure to leave no man behind. Those who want help in their employment, academic, financial lives, etc. will find all the support and resources they ask for in our staff members and associates.