Bonfire Recovery Services offers refuge, structure, and guidance to men who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. We are a 12-Step/ abstinence-based men’s sober living halfway house in downtown Dover, New Hampshire founded by people living in long-term recovery who are committed to providing a safe and supportive recovery environment.

We are conveniently located between Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine in the scenic New Hampshire Seacoast area. We are a leading provider in New England of extended care for men.

    Bonfire strives to foster growth and confidence in its clients using a proven, solution-based model of recovery while drawing from a rich variety of support sources. Staff, volunteers, local agencies, and friends in the recovery community all pitch in to spark a fire sufficient to fuel successful recovery. Bonfire residents can learn to live clean, sober, healthful, and purposeful lives apart from substance misuse –for once and for all.

It is our mission to provide the highest quality recovery services at affordable cost to our drug-and-alcohol-addicted clients, as well as meaningful service to our general community.

If you or your loved one are ready to get well, please view our Program and Guidelines before you apply for residence. Willingness to work toward positive change and respect for our rules are all you need to make your start at Bonfire.

Too often we hear of the heartbreak and negative images of addiction, and we would like to be at the forefront of an effort to expose our community to the positive side of this horrible illness: Recovery. It does exist, and when really nurtured, can produce some very amazing gifts. People can go on to engage in their lives in many different ways. We see people get back in the graces of their families, become educated, start new families, get active in their local communities, and so on. These are the faces we hope will catch the light when addiction is brought up in community dialogue. We hope this will, in turn, enable more effort at the state and federal levels to provide better access to treatment.